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Seda Altın Beauty, Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

Personal Care Products;

Personal care products are products that are used for body cleansing. They help maintain a healthy self and increase overall beauty. Other than skin care, personal care products can be categorized in tooth and gum care, hair care, body hair hygiene and perfumes.

Skin care products that can be used for personal care products include moisturizers, sunscreen creams, skin cleansers and nail care products. Dental health and gum care products are toothpaste, toothbrush, floss and dental implants.

Products that could be used for hair care are shampoos, hair creams, hair sprays, hair wax and hair liquids. Every individual's demand and need is different and personal care products may vary per each person. You can find the right product from our website which has many various and affordable options.

Beauty Products ;

Beauty products have numerous functions and differ in many categories. However the most common beauty product types are:

Clay Mask: Clay is a type of soil which has been used for skin beauty and health for a long time. It consists of iron, magnesium and calcium which enhances the skin strength and brightens the skin.

Makeup Remover: Brightens the skin. Removes makeup on the skin and helps clean the face. It gives the skin a fresh look.

Cleansing Gels: Deep cleans the skin and purifies the pores from dirt. This enables a healthier and softer skin.

Hand Creams: Protects from negative environmental effects and provides the humidity needed for the skin.

Freshens irritated skin.


Face Creams: Protects our skin both from external factors and adds humidity which reduces signs of aging.


Sunscreen Creams:  Protects sun damage, prevents dark spots and blemishes. With regular use it significantly reduces aging symptoms.


Tanning Oils: Tanning oil moisturizes the skin. Regular use can help obtain a professional-looking bronze look. For new beginners, gradual use is recommended and will give fast results..


Cosmetic Products: Cosmetic products categorize into various types but the most commons are:


Mascara: Mascara is a cosmetic product used for increasing eyelashes' volume, length and shape.


BB Cream: Used for covering flaws in the skin and moisturizing the skin.


Body Oils: It's purpose is to moisturize our body. They consist of different vitamins. Besides their benefit of giving energy boosts they also include many aromas.


Eyeshadow: It’s a pigmented, colorful, and shiny cosmetic product that is applied on the eyelid. It can create a bright or smokey look.


Horsehair Brush:

 Speeds up blood circulation. When using a horsehair brush redness may occur. This does not mean that it irritates the skin but that the brush is working. Increased blood circulation provides bright and strong skin.

Exfoliating: As with all the peeling methods, with dry brushing, you can get rid of dead skin cells and dirt that comes from daily life. Thus you can achieve healthy and shiny skin.

Natural Energy Flow: Making a beauty application a regular habit will feed your self-worth and give you a sense of taking care of yourself.

Skin Saturation: Many people who have used horse hair brushes regularly have observed a more saturated-looking body and a decrease in their cellulite.